Awesome Mommy shares the stories of moms, kids, families, and the businesses that moms rely on so members can connect directly with those who share common interest. Gone are the days of digital chat rooms with no real personal connection. Our moms meet daily at activities and events to break down the social barriers and experience being a mom together.

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Learning with Awesome Mommy is endless. Whether you’re new to the city and just don’t know where to go for all things kids or you’re a mom looking to better yourself we have a social group for you. No matter if you’re a younger mom, older mom, mother of  a child with special needs, or a step mother, we have other moms just like you ready to share and learn with you..

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Being a parent is expensive and creates barriers to connecting moms and kids. Awesome Mommy is here to change that by connecting moms and businesses with discounted or FREE experiences and other amazing benefits. The membership is designed to pay for itself, ultimately saving money for everyone who participates.

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Awesome Mommy is a social platform that runs off the power of moms. Much like the Facebook groups, everyones presence inspires and motivates each other to achieve their own best. The difference with Awesome Mommy is the connection members make while participating at Awesome Mommy events and activities is real and meaningful.

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Introducing Awesome Mommy

Awesome Mommy began as a search for the best of the best for my family. I was looking for activities enhance my children’s socialization and promote wellness.
Quickly, I realized there are many sites online and I became lost in a world of cyber space and Facebook groups only to find the various pieces of the puzzle I was looking for.
The challenge became how to connect the pieces to the puzzle and in a meaningful way. Surprisingly the answer is simple- connect moms in person.
So with that I founded Awesome Mommy, a social network where moms Connect, Learn, Save & Inspire.
Hope to mingle with you soon!
Jessica Reed- Founder
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As moms we're all called for a special purpose. Part of our mission is to unify all moms and the special interest we share. If you didn't see exactly what your looking for please let us know. We'd love to talk to you about your idea and bring it to moms around the city.